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Inspired by Life.  Inspired by Nature.


On The Road To The Lake

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Bold Blooms

Nuns at the cottage copyright Maria Connell.JPG

Nuns at the lake

Art has a magical way of invoking feelings and emotions. Colour and shapes form images on canvas to let the viewer imagine his or her own story. Immerse yourself into the bold and captivating art by Maria where you willl be surrounded by a world of  colour that infuses hues, shades and tones to captivate you.  Browse our gallery to find just what you’re looking for.  We want to make art affordable and we will be happy to help you choose a piece of original art by Maria Connell that is just right for you. Contact us by e-mail or telephone provided on the gallery website.


The Artist

Maria Connell 



Birds Lets Chat copyright Maria Connell painting.jpg

The Billet Doux Shop

Visit the gallery store and browse the Billet Doux (Bil-lay-doo) collection of greeting cards designed by Maria.  Billet Doux is a French term that means a sweet note, a love note.  Choose from a variety of  beautiful and original greeting cards in the shop.   Send a card to  that special someone, a friend, or family member just to let them know you are thinking about them. When you give a Billet Doux greeting card, you are giving the gift of art.  Greeting cards or a  "billet doux" never goes out of style despite advancements in technology, snail mail continues to trend upwards.  From our gallery to your special person,  it's not just the card that counts but the action too!  We look forward to helping you with your orders by email or by phone.

Patio Lanterns bbq copyright Maria Connell.jpg

The days of Summer!

The lazy, hazy, days of Summer... splashing in pools and swimming in lakes.  Drives to the cottage and picnics with friends.  Sunsets that glow and mornings that greet you with lush foliage. Summer is here but only for a short while so indulge and enjoy! 

Summertime has its own special events to mark and celebrate.  Its got a Billet Doux greeting card for every one of your special celebrations. Billet Doux (bil-lay-doo) card. It's French for a love note, a soft note. Each greeting card is especially designed to warm up, light up and deliver a smile to the recipient.  that come from the heart. 


Look who's carrying the
Billet Doux (bil-lay-doo)
greeting cards...

There's something heartwarming and magical that happens when you open up a handwritten Billet Doux (bil-lay-doo) card. Greeting cards never go out of style. Some of the finest shops in Ottawa and surrounding area carry the Billet Doux greeting cards. 

Drop in to any of the locations below and see the colourful and artistic selection of cards designed by Maria.  The greeting cards are created blank just for you so you can personalize them for any occasion.

Please email the gallery at
or call us at 613-324-5724 if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.

102 Fairmont Ave
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 1X6

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312 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON

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Gilligallou Bird Shop
Almonte, ON


The Ottawa Hospital Gift Shops at the Civic Campus and General Campus

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