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Art Has 3 H's

When I create a piece of art, I think of a triangle. There's the head, the hands and the heart. My head holds what I know, what I've learned and the experience I have creating art. My heart speaks to my head and tells it what it wants to translate onto the canvas or cards I create. My hands are the tools that make this connection between my head and my heart come to life.

Before I begin creating a piece of art, I sit in my studio and I start by doing a simple meditation. I take a few minutes to just be so that I can listen to my heart and let it tell me what it wants to create. I work in gratitude as my hands and eyes use my brushes and paints to create yet another piece of art.

One of the H's I want to write about is our hands. They create art in so many ways. Hands weave fibres, they knit yarns, they sew garments, they cook delicious and nutritious meals, they bake bread. Our hands create art in various ways. Our hands hold the hands of the ones we love, they nurture, they support and they are strong. Art is in the hands of the one who uses them everyday.

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